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10 Best Wearable Gimbals

Originally seen as a gimmick or a novelty, these cameras have taken center stage as the go-to devices for filming action sequences.
01 May 2022

10 Best Shotgun Microphones

Shotgun microphones are most notable for their extremely directional polar pattern, picking up sound from directly in front with extreme accuracy while blocking out other noises.
30 April 2022

10 Best SD Card Readers

With the SD cards of today, you’re not only able to fit a bunch of them in your pocket but also store gigabytes upon gigabytes of data.
30 April 2022

10 Best Webcams for Streaming

Whether you're using it for work, streaming to Twitch, or talking with family, one of the best webcams is essential for looking your best.
30 April 2022

10 Best Waterproof Cameras

Whether you’re an underwater photographer or a watersport enthusiast, the best waterproof cameras can capture excellent images above and below the waves.
30 April 2022

10 Best Underwater Video Cameras

Underwater cameras are often designed with specific functions in mind such as being macro cams or cameras for beginner underwater photographers.
30 April 2022

10 Best Photo Lighting Sets

Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur videographer, one key component determines the quality of your projects: lighting.
29 April 2022

10 Best Mini Tripods

If you are a photographer, videographer or a traveling enthusiast, you are probably on the look-out for the best mini tripods for your smartphone or DSLR.
29 April 2022

10 Best LCD Viewfinders

Capturing great photos that are tack sharp requires precision. Therefore, it stands to reason that you need to choose the best tool for the job.
29 April 2022

8 Best Medium Format Cameras

Medium format is becoming more attainable by modern photographers. It’s also not necessarily just for portraits and landscapes.
29 April 2022