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Manufacturing & Industry (618)

Punteks tekstil makina San. Ve Tic. LTD. STI. in , Turkey

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Punteks Tekstil is established in 1995.It’s able to process 1000 ton/month textile waste and 500 ton/month felt. Our main products are: Felts : Multicolor… Read More.

Mobilpiu' S.R.L.

Mobilpiu' S.R.L. in , Italy

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Mobil Più, young and dynamic company operating in the market with clear and incisive ideas drawing on the thirty-year long experience of its director Italo Vagnini… Read More.

Luxum laminaty

Luxum laminaty in , Poland

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The manufacturer of luxury sanitary and bathroom furniture per individual design: Wash basins, baths, shower bases, table tops and moisture resistant bathroom… Read More.

DCM Electro

DCM Electro in , Belgium

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Atsolutionsuk in , United Kingdom

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ATSOLUTIONSUK are a company that supply A&B graded branded goods. We are a major distributor and exporter and currently the leading distributor of branded stock… Read More.

Liaoningqianjiang pipe industry CO,LTD

Liaoningqianjiang pipe industry CO,LTD in , China

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Our company is a famous company for production pipe in chinaWe product all kinds of pipes for water supllying and ground floor heating pipe. Read More.

Galvanizados barga

Galvanizados barga in , Spain

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Srec in Melbourne, Australia

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Sustainable Renewable Energy Company Pty Ltd (SREC) is a developer of Renewable Energy power-stations and supplier of solar equipment. We bring the best value to our… Read More.