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Manufacturing & Industry (620)

Vivai piante florido tesi s.s di tesi patrizio & c. in , Italy

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Wide choice of plants. The family business has been working in the flower & plat sector since 1948. The company's family nature does not mean we only look to the… Read More.


Geninatti in , Italy

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Precision mechanical finishing. Erosion, turning, milling, electric actuators for automation. High-precision finishing for steels and metals. Metal finishing. Read More.

Effebi spa

Effebi spa in , Italy

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Ball valves, brass valves with threaded and clamp fasteners, pressure systems, joins for iron and polyethylene tubes, threaded connectors for civil and industrial… Read More.

Laisy Koseoglu day. tuk. mal. san.

Laisy Koseoglu day. tuk. mal. san. in , Turkey

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Our company has been estabilished as a manufacturer company in 2002 year in ISTABUL/TURKEY.Our product ranges are ironing boards, laundry dryers, market carts and… Read More.


Atega in , Belgium

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ATEGA or Ateliers Gastout set out in 1961. Back then its main activity was the creation of laundries and automatic laundries in Belgium. Dry cleaning was added to… Read More.

Imeta SRL

Imeta SRL in , Italy

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IMETA, the science of seaming machines. Since 1964 Imeta Srl has been producing chucks, rollers, equipment and spares for seaming machines. IMETA Srl has its… Read More.


I.S.A.L. SRL in , Italy

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Production and sale of professional power sweepers. We offer our customers a vast range of heavy-duty and reliable power sweepers that give excellent… Read More.

Heyl chemisch-pharmazeutische fabrik GMBH & CO kg in , Germany

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Manufacturer of antirheumatic agents, sulphonamide sulphadiazine, D-penicillamine, sulphasalazine generic medicament, Unguentolan ointment, sodium (RS)-2.3… Read More.

Qtrnada company

Qtrnada company in , Iraq

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we are from qtrnada company in Iraq-Basra we have more product pipe HDPE Pipe ,PVC Pipe ,Ductile Pipe ,Machine Pipe,PPR Pipe ,Fitting Pipe .. Read More.

MCM déco

MCM déco in , France

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MCM DECO is your specialist in interior decoration with fashionable glass items. You will find the famous Weck jars, our range of recycled jars, crockery, spice… Read More.