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Manufacturing & Industry (618)

Balticlegno sia

Balticlegno sia in , Latvia

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BALTICLEGNO SIA is a producer of different type of beams: Glued beams, Beams made of pine, Beams for windows, Beams for doors, Laminated board, Glulam (KKK, DKD,… Read More.

Caroni spa

Caroni spa in , Italy

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The company Caroni SpA, situated in Cuneo is a reliable reference, both in the field of industrial components and in the manufacture of equipment and moulds for… Read More.

Woodcon, sia

Woodcon, sia in , Latvia

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WoodCon, Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Prefabricated timber trusses in Latvia, our products comply with the European standard EN 14250:2010. Our main… Read More.

Calzificio rapid international s.r.l.

Calzificio rapid international s.r.l. in , Italy

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Calzificio Rapid International: production of socks, stockings and tights for women and girls. Brands offered: DORLOSTAN BAYER and LYCRA DUPONT Read More.

Safe options

Safe options in , United Kingdom

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Safe Options is a secure storage supply company based in Bristol. They have long been trading on the internet with great success, and have customers small and large… Read More.

Ferah koltuk

Ferah koltuk in , Turkey

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Read More.

Juvasa sl

Juvasa sl in , Spain

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Packing with glass and plastic, packaging. Bottles and pots for the agri-food industry, beverages, cosmectics, perfumery, decoration, etc. Glass bottles for… Read More.


Smk(hk)limited in , China

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SMK (Hong Kong) Limited SMK (Hong Kong) Limited is a leading corporation for Induction Charge Lighting, and it is also a professional manufacture on LED Application… Read More.

Viveros macías

Viveros macías in , Spain

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We have a nursery for the production of ornamental and Mediterranean plants and over 35 years' experience. Our flagship plant the Olea europea, "Olive tree", is for… Read More.