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Manufacturing & Industry (618)

Passage securite

Passage securite in , France

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Vilmorin sa

Vilmorin sa in , France

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VILMORIN SA: Producer of vegetable seeds for professionals. Selection, production and marketing of vegetable seeds and tree seeds for professionals. Fresh vegetable… Read More.

Greek fruits koutsogiannopoulos

Greek fruits koutsogiannopoulos in , Greece

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The company GREEK FRUIT KOUTSOGIANNOPOULOS is a family business for imports and exports of fruits and vegetables. It was founded in 1985 by Anthony… Read More.

Faccio giuseppe srl

Faccio giuseppe srl in , Italy

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Faccio Giuseppe Officina Meccanica designs and manufactures machines for transporting, stamping, orienting, selecting, counting and processing corks for the fruit… Read More.

Cousin sas

Cousin sas in , France

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Today, when industrial performance is what counts, Cousin situated in Chambon Feugerolles, offers across-the-board expertise in all its trades: Mechanical… Read More.

Protem sas

Protem sas in , France

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Italferro spa

Italferro spa in , Italy

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Italferro has been involved in the aluminium alloy and steel products sectors since 1961. The Iron division works mainly in engineering, steel framework, plant… Read More.

Maquinaria zocapi

Maquinaria zocapi in , Spain

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Manufacture and sale of leek harvesting machines: combine harvester, puller, picking machine, sower, planter, grader, stemmer, polisher, planer, sulfurator. Read More.

Gfc antriebssysteme gmbh

Gfc antriebssysteme gmbh in , Germany

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Manufacturer of gear units and components for plant construction and mechanical engineering: Worm gear sets, worm drives, helical-worm gear drives, worm-helical gear… Read More.