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Manufacturing & Industry (618)

Alkor bio, ltd

Alkor bio, ltd in ,

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Campagner angelo sas

Campagner angelo sas in , Italy

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Design and manufacture of dies and templates for extrusion and co-extrusion of PVC and thermoplastic sections. Customised manufacture of tools for all types of… Read More.

Tanta flax ltd co

Tanta flax ltd co in , Egypt

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Flax Dolls (puppets ) or (Canapa) for plumbing Consists of two parts 25 kg each in one bale of 50 kg with jute. Which is used in many chemical industries also is… Read More.

Fratelli mondola srl

Fratelli mondola srl in , Italy

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The company F.lli Mondola began in the selection of used clothing. With its enormous capacity and solid experience, the company works in the import-export field. Read More.

Uk clothing caravan

Uk clothing caravan in , United Kingdom

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UK Clothing Caravan is recognized as a leading producer of quality second hand clothing in the United Kingdom. We offer a unique clothes collection service that… Read More.

Maxaner international

Maxaner international in , Bassas da India

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Maxaner International is Gwalior mint sandstone quarry owner and supplier as well as manufacturer, exporter of the Rainforest marble, Brushed sandstone, limestone.… Read More.

High victory technology co.,ltd

High victory technology co.,ltd in , China

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Shenzhen. High Victory Technology CO.Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which sets high-tech electronic product innovative design,Customization,PCBA SMT,ODM production of… Read More.

Tsirikos transmission systems

Tsirikos transmission systems in , Greece

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Founded in 1968, our company is committed to the highest standards of quality and reliability in the field of transmission systems. The variety of our products, that… Read More.

Gerardi' di veglia rosa & c. snc

Gerardi' di veglia rosa & c. snc in , Italy

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What is expected of a company these days? Above all, quality, but also innovation, technology, reliability and products that reflect the price asked. More than ever,… Read More.