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Manufacturing & Industry (620)

Titanium consulting & trading srl

Titanium consulting & trading srl in , Italy

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Importation and sales of semi-finished products such as sheet metal, bars, wire, non-welded and arc-welded tubes, perforated grids in standard pure titanium and… Read More.

Daringola oü

Daringola oü in , Estonia

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We make workwear, uniforms, tents, jeans. We offer sewing service, uniforms for soldiers, construction workers, chefs, couriers, electricians, warehouse workers.… Read More.

Minju led lighting co.,ltd

Minju led lighting co.,ltd in , China

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1) Superior raw material.2) High quality light source.3) Leading heat sink design, four light emission instead of backlight emission.4) Wide range voltage input.5)… Read More.

China bonny steel ball

China bonny steel ball in , China

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China Bonny Steel Ball, based on two manufacturers in mainland, mainly produces solid steel balls for the production of ball bearing, grade G5 to G200; size 0.794mm… Read More.

Officine piccini spa

Officine piccini spa in , Italy

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Equipment manufactured for building sites, earthmoving machinery, cement producing machinery and heavy lifting gear. Construction of prefabs. The group is active in… Read More.

Andromeda lighting

Andromeda lighting in , Greece

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ANDROMEDA LIGHTING a manufacturer for 40 years of affordable lights as Outdoor lamps for gardens, houses or yachts, sconce lamps, Wall mounted brass lamps, Garden… Read More.

Maglificio pamira

Maglificio pamira in , Italy

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Agostino Cipolloni instigated the founding of Maglificio Pamira in 1972. The company produces finely-made knitwear by undertaking each production process, from… Read More.

Walki group

Walki group in , Finland

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Read More.

Hans peter ott gmbh

Hans peter ott gmbh in , Germany

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Read More.