Why did we went with WiredTree?

In the past years, we have used several hosting services for our previous projects. The challenge has always been that they were ever-changing, evolving and we were constantly pressed to find suitable solutions.

During this time, we had our fair share of problems with hosting. We are sure that it's not just us. Everybody had, at one point or another. So we tried looking less and less at small differences in features or price of packages, and more into value added services, as well as customer support. Which for us, were the deal-sealers.

We always needed managed hosting, since we do not have an in-house server management team. And we always figured we should leave professionals to manage our hosting, to allow us free time to focus on our users instead.

This is why we chose Wiredtree:

  • Support is amazing. Day or night, if we have a problem, we pick up the phone or send an email and in 5 to 10 minutes someone is assigned to manage our crisis.
  • All their services are extraordinarily managed. Since we already explained above that we do not have in-house server admins, we usually ask anything, from setting PHP cache to silly directions on how to use WHM. Wiredtree is always out there for us.
  • Average market prices for their servers. There are companies that offer a similar service for less, and yet there are others that ask more. Since Wiredtree has checked every single requirement we had, we consider the average price a discount, actually.
  • They have a proprietary interface for server management. It's very user friendly, designed for regular folks like us that aren't that savvy with hosting acronyms or references. You can monitor resources, manage or upgrade your servers right from this interface.
  • Wiredtree's team is active in all the major hosting communities out there, including Webhostingtalk.com, which we regularly read, in regards to our hosting needs. They are public, they respond to questions, they are transparent. They also have a lot of realistic coupons they often offer.

We are very happy with Wiredtree. We have had a 3 year long-lasting collaboration and we went through several time-critical situations together, because such situations usually arise, no matter the hosting service you use. Except this time, Wiredtree swooped in and helped us resolve the issues in record-breaking time and keep our service up for our users.

Besides the few words we have written above, we also brought a "leafy" look to our new footer.

This is our testimonial. We hope this helps you if you're ever in need of a serious hosting company.